The Great Gatsby – Party Decor

Hey loves,

first of all I wish you a happy new year!! May all your wishes and resolutions come true and let 2014 be a great year! As I love the style of the early 1920’s, I was hosting a Great Gatsby Party for New Year’s Eve. Everybody dressed up and we had the best time shooting in front of a lametta curtain, playing poker and just laughing together.

Weeks before, I was looking at pictures on Pinterest and trying to put together a concept for the decor. We got lametta curtains and golden and black baloons from amazon. The pearl chain is from ebay, the paper streamer and confetti from a local drugstore. But we already had most of the things at home, e.g. the candle holders.

If you are planning a party like this I would definitely recommend buying baloons or a lametta curtain, they look amazing and can change the whole room. For the table setting just look out for things you already have. Fresh flowers are always a great way to glam everything up without spending a huge amount of money. But for now, enjoy being transferred into the 1920’s and stay tuned for my outfit post coming soon :)

Yours Mimi

P.S.: For more inspiration check out my Pinterest page :)


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