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January 2014

Keep it simple

Happy Thursday everyone!

How has your week been so far? As the weekend is right around the corner here are some ideas how to make your home cozy and decorated in January. After all the christmas decoration with many colours, lights and heaps of decor, I like to keep it really simple in January. I used some pine cones I collected during a walk through a forest nearby. I made it a habit to always look out for natural things I could use for decor, which gives me many possibilities, and last but not least: they are free! For instance, I love to pair moss and pine cones with shiny candle holders or other sparkly things. I feel the combination of these with natural materials helps the decor to look less overloaded and more cordial.

So get up, go for a walk and look for all the great things out there :) I wish you a great weekend and some time for youself to sit down, light some candles and do whatever relaxes you :) I personally will take the Sunday evening off to sit down on the couch with a nice cup of chai tea and watch a movie.

Lots of love,

Yours Mimi

candle holders: Depot, purple candle: Depot, wooden hearts: Depot, table runner: Ikea, owl: Depot, cups and teapot: Greengate, white vase: Zara home

Venice Outfit Part I

Hey loves,

I hope you had a great start into the week? Currently, I have to study for my upcoming exams in university, but still try to keep you inspired with new posts. This post is about one of the travel outfits I wore during the trip with my boyfriend to Venice. We spent four days in this beautiful city and I will write a full travel blogpost about it in the next weeks.

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Have a great week,

Yours Mimi

Jacket: Zara, Pants: H&M, Pullover: Zara, Top: H&M, Shoes: Tamaris, Scarf: Zero, Bag: Longchamp

The Great Gatsby – Outfit

Hello everyone,

as you already know I celebrated New Year’s Eve in the style of the 1920’s. Today I want to share with you what I wore for this occasion. First of all I was searching for the perfect dress for months. Then I finally found it on Asos but they sent it in the wrong size. So I ordered it in the right size but was afraid it wouldn’t come until New Year’s Eve. As I was on a short trip in Venice between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I searched every store on a late night shopping spree but didn’t find anything. Luckily when I came home the dress was there in the right size! Although, I realized that its quality didn’t live up to my expectations: The stitching was not symmetric. Consequently, I still haven’t had a dress. Finally, I decided to wear a sequin skirt and top with lace details. It was rather simple but with lots of jewelry and the head band it suited the theme very well. After all I definitely learned to always look in my own closet before stressing out and running through the stores like a nutcase. Maybe this might be a great new year’s resolution for all of us :)

Have a wonderful weekend,

Yours Mimi

Top, Skirt: H&M, Headband: Zara, Earrings: Thomas Sabo, Bracelets: Globus India, Shoes: Tamaris

The Great Gatsby – Party Decor

Hey loves,

first of all I wish you a happy new year!! May all your wishes and resolutions come true and let 2014 be a great year! As I love the style of the early 1920’s, I was hosting a Great Gatsby Party for New Year’s Eve. Everybody dressed up and we had the best time shooting in front of a lametta curtain, playing poker and just laughing together.

Weeks before, I was looking at pictures on Pinterest and trying to put together a concept for the decor. We got lametta curtains and golden and black baloons from amazon. The pearl chain is from ebay, the paper streamer and confetti from a local drugstore. But we already had most of the things at home, e.g. the candle holders.

If you are planning a party like this I would definitely recommend buying baloons or a lametta curtain, they look amazing and can change the whole room. For the table setting just look out for things you already have. Fresh flowers are always a great way to glam everything up without spending a huge amount of money. But for now, enjoy being transferred into the 1920’s and stay tuned for my outfit post coming soon :)

Yours Mimi

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