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June 2014

Outfit For My Cousin’s Wedding

Hey everyone,

as I am getting rounder every week, it’s difficult to get dressed. This was a big problem for me on a special occasion: my cousin’s wedding. The day before I was freaking out because I had the feeling that nothing in my closet was fitting and appropriate enough. For months I tried to get a nice dress but all the maternity dresses didn’t fit me well. In the end I found an outfit I felt comfortable in and that still looked chic and cute: I wore maternity pants from H&M and “normal” clothes that I found in my closet.

So what I have learned again: always take a look in the closet before buying new things or freaking out ;)

Yours Mimi

P.S.: I am invited to a friend’s wedding in July – another dressing adventure to come (and hopefully not a disaster) concerning that I will be in the 7th month!

Pants: H&M, Blouse: Mango, Top: H&M, Blazer: H&M, Clutch: Hallhuber, Flats: Roland, Bracelet: Thomas Sabo, Silk Scarf: Hallhuber


London Travel Journal

Hey everyone,

today I would like to share with you my London Travel Journal. At the beginning of May I spent two days in this beautiful city with my boyfriend. We stayed at a friend’s house, so unfortunately I don’t have any recommendations concerning the accommodation.

I have never been in London before but absolutely loved it. The architecture is amazing, especially the contrast between modern and old fascinated me. But even more fascinating are the tons of shops you can find in Oxford and Regent Street! I could have spent a whole holiday there, trust me ;) Another one of my personal highlights was the Tate Modern Museum. It is for free and has a restaurant/café on the 7th floor. The view over London is amazing especially during sunset. After all, two days definitely aren’t enough to see everything but are perfect to get a first impression. Now check out what we have seen and see London through my eyes :)

Lots of love,

Yours Mimi

Pregnancy Tales

Hey loves,

Yes, you got it right, I am pregnant! :) This is one of the reasons why I had been gone for so long as it was a huge change in my life and I needed to organise a lot. I’m already in week 24 and you can definitely see my baby bump now :) My boyfriend and I are super happy and can’t wait to meet our little one in October! For the next months you will probably get to see more maternity outfits but I think most of them are also convenient if you aren’t pregnant.

That are my big news for today and I also have some pictures for you were you can see me with my belly growing ;)

I wish you all a great sunday evening,

Yours Mimi

P.S.: I will post this outfit I wore for my cousin’s wedding in a few days :)

Lime Green Blazer

Hey loves,

this is my outfit I wore for my mum’s birthday brunch. I love the lime green colour. It is perfect for spring and summer and feels so refreshing! It was the day after a wedding where I caught the bridal bouquet. It flew right into my arms and I thought it perfectly matched my outfit the next day. ;)

Have a great week,

Yours Mimi

Blazer: Mango, Blouse: H&M, Top: H&M, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Roland, Bag: H&M Leather Edition, Necklace: Zara, Bracelet: Thomas Sabo