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February 2015

Cambridge Travel Journal: St. John’s College

Hey loves,

I hope you had a great week so far, over here it was quite relaxed. Noah and I got a lot of “housekeeping work” done, read books and enjoyed some walks through Cambridge.
A few weeks ago we explored St. John’s College on one of our Sunday walks (we have a new tradition to keep Sundays free for familytime :)).

I wish you all a great Friday and an even greater week-end,

Lots of love


Pictures taken by my love Philip Stanislaus, all rights reserved

Mimi’s Instagram Week #1

Hey everyone,

today I am sharing with you my posts from Instagram this week. I was lucky to have my mum staying with us for the whole week, exploring Cambridge with me and taking care of little Noah.
I hope you all had a fabulous week-end and I wish you a great sunday evening!



P.S.: I am planning on posting this series every sunday as far as Noah lets me to. What do you think about it?