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Noah’s 1st Birthday – Woodlands Party

Hey my loves,

I hope you are all fine and had a good week so far. Although I am already completely in the Christmas mood, I wanted to share a few pictures of Noah’s 1st Birthday Party with you. His Birthday is in October so I decided to have a Woodland themed Party. The whole colour scheme was blue and orange mixed with lots of natural pieces like pine cones or chestnuts. I designed the invitation cards and welcome sign as well as the cupcake decoration sticks with sketch and printed them in a local copy shop. Check out the descriptions on the pictures where I wrote about some details.

I wish you a wonderful rest of the week and send you lots of love,


P.S. I want to thank my lovely friends Katrin and Juli for helping me with decorating our apartment and frosting the cake! You are amazing :-*

Babyshower Party Decor

Hey loves,

right before we left Germany we had our Babyshower/Farewell party. As we were expecting our little boy I couldn’t resist decorating in baby blue and white. I got inspired on Pinterest and had a garden party with barbecue and bonfire in my mind. Luckily the weather pleased us and it was a warm and sunny day. :)

I found the Pompoms on Ebay and decorated the tent with them. Although it took me ages to build them together I loved the results and still think they are a must-have on babyshower parties. For the flower arrangements I bought several bunches of different white flowers in the supermarket and took a walk around in the garden to add some green highlights. This helped to save some money as flowers tend to get quite expensive. The last thing I worked on were the candle holders. Our family once bought the glasses for a wedding – a great investment as we are still using them for several occasions. To pick up the blue and white theme again I bought a white and babyblue ribbon to wrap around the storm lamps. Instead of leaving the knots at the end, I found the little pearl flowers in a local stationary shop and put them on top of the knots.

I wish you all a happy week-end,
lots of love


Easter Decor

Hey loves,

I hope you all had a great week and that you’re ready for the easter week-end. Today I would like to show you my easter decor I builded around the easter wreath I made.

I wish you all the same fun I had decorating my home and a happy easter week-end,

Yours Mimi

White and brown eggs: Butlers, Feathers: Amazon, Bunnies: local drugstore, Candle light holders: Depot

DIY Easter Nest/Wreath

Hey everyone,

today I want to share with you a Do-It-Yourself blogpost on easter decoration. A few days ago I created an easter nest in form of a hay wreath and decorated it with some eggs. If you would like to do one yourself, I created a step to step guide for you which you can see when clicking on the pictures :) The whole process only took me around 30 minutes and was quite easy. My only recommendation is to clean the floor afterwards as some hay might fall down.

I hope you have fun making this easter nest and wish you all a happy sunday!

Yours Mimi


Keep it simple

Happy Thursday everyone!

How has your week been so far? As the weekend is right around the corner here are some ideas how to make your home cozy and decorated in January. After all the christmas decoration with many colours, lights and heaps of decor, I like to keep it really simple in January. I used some pine cones I collected during a walk through a forest nearby. I made it a habit to always look out for natural things I could use for decor, which gives me many possibilities, and last but not least: they are free! For instance, I love to pair moss and pine cones with shiny candle holders or other sparkly things. I feel the combination of these with natural materials helps the decor to look less overloaded and more cordial.

So get up, go for a walk and look for all the great things out there :) I wish you a great weekend and some time for youself to sit down, light some candles and do whatever relaxes you :) I personally will take the Sunday evening off to sit down on the couch with a nice cup of chai tea and watch a movie.

Lots of love,

Yours Mimi

candle holders: Depot, purple candle: Depot, wooden hearts: Depot, table runner: Ikea, owl: Depot, cups and teapot: Greengate, white vase: Zara home

The Great Gatsby – Party Decor

Hey loves,

first of all I wish you a happy new year!! May all your wishes and resolutions come true and let 2014 be a great year! As I love the style of the early 1920’s, I was hosting a Great Gatsby Party for New Year’s Eve. Everybody dressed up and we had the best time shooting in front of a lametta curtain, playing poker and just laughing together.

Weeks before, I was looking at pictures on Pinterest and trying to put together a concept for the decor. We got lametta curtains and golden and black baloons from amazon. The pearl chain is from ebay, the paper streamer and confetti from a local drugstore. But we already had most of the things at home, e.g. the candle holders.

If you are planning a party like this I would definitely recommend buying baloons or a lametta curtain, they look amazing and can change the whole room. For the table setting just look out for things you already have. Fresh flowers are always a great way to glam everything up without spending a huge amount of money. But for now, enjoy being transferred into the 1920’s and stay tuned for my outfit post coming soon :)

Yours Mimi

P.S.: For more inspiration check out my Pinterest page :)