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Noah’s 1st Birthday – Woodlands Party

Hey my loves,

I hope you are all fine and had a good week so far. Although I am already completely in the Christmas mood, I wanted to share a few pictures of Noah’s 1st Birthday Party with you. His Birthday is in October so I decided to have a Woodland themed Party. The whole colour scheme was blue and orange mixed with lots of natural pieces like pine cones or chestnuts. I designed the invitation cards and welcome sign as well as the cupcake decoration sticks with sketch and printed them in a local copy shop. Check out the descriptions on the pictures where I wrote about some details.

I wish you a wonderful rest of the week and send you lots of love,


P.S. I want to thank my lovely friends Katrin and Juli for helping me with decorating our apartment and frosting the cake! You are amazing :-*

Babyshower Party Decor

Hey loves,

right before we left Germany we had our Babyshower/Farewell party. As we were expecting our little boy I couldn’t resist decorating in baby blue and white. I got inspired on Pinterest and had a garden party with barbecue and bonfire in my mind. Luckily the weather pleased us and it was a warm and sunny day. :)

I found the Pompoms on Ebay and decorated the tent with them. Although it took me ages to build them together I loved the results and still think they are a must-have on babyshower parties. For the flower arrangements I bought several bunches of different white flowers in the supermarket and took a walk around in the garden to add some green highlights. This helped to save some money as flowers tend to get quite expensive. The last thing I worked on were the candle holders. Our family once bought the glasses for a wedding – a great investment as we are still using them for several occasions. To pick up the blue and white theme again I bought a white and babyblue ribbon to wrap around the storm lamps. Instead of leaving the knots at the end, I found the little pearl flowers in a local stationary shop and put them on top of the knots.

I wish you all a happy week-end,
lots of love


Introducing our Babyboy

Hey everyone,

I’m so happy to introduce our little bundle of joy to you. Little Noah was born on October 11, 2014 at 1:55 pm. I gave birth at the Rosie Birth Centre in Cambridge and would totally decide to go there again. As I gave birth naturally without an epidural the pain was like hell – but having our little one on my chest for the first time definitely made up for it! My midwife back in Germany told me to concentrate on breathing – that helped me to survive the 14 hours. But even more supporting was my boyfriend – he supervised my breathing during every contraction and never left my side. I am so thankful for having the best partner I could ever ask for :) The first few weeks have been quite tough as Noah suffered from jaundice and I had really bad back pain. Luckily little one is healthy now and gaining a good amount of weight every week. My back is getting better but still hurts, let’s hope it heals soon. The nights are still really exhausting and I feel like an owl – only living during the night. Noah’s tummy often hurts and his rhythm is the opposite way around. So we’re currently working on a routine and trying to help him with his colics.

Even though I have less time for myself and a permanent lack of sleep, I absolutely love being a mum. Having a little baby is the greatest gift in the world and I am so grateful for that.

Now I send lots of hugs to all of you!


Pregnancy Tales

Hey loves,

Yes, you got it right, I am pregnant! :) This is one of the reasons why I had been gone for so long as it was a huge change in my life and I needed to organise a lot. I’m already in week 24 and you can definitely see my baby bump now :) My boyfriend and I are super happy and can’t wait to meet our little one in October! For the next months you will probably get to see more maternity outfits but I think most of them are also convenient if you aren’t pregnant.

That are my big news for today and I also have some pictures for you were you can see me with my belly growing ;)

I wish you all a great sunday evening,

Yours Mimi

P.S.: I will post this outfit I wore for my cousin’s wedding in a few days :)